Privacy Policy for Henrique Portovedo
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The guarantee of the confidentiality of the personal data of the users of the site is important for Henrique Portovedo.

All the relationship staff related to members, subscribers, clients or visitors that use the Henrique Portovedo related to not found. (Law no. 67/98).

A source of information can be included in your name, email, phone number and / or mobile phone, address, birth data and / or others.

The use of Henrique Portovedo may be used as a privacy agreement. The office team Henrique Portovedo reserves the right to go to the office. Therefore, we recommend that you review our privacy policy on a regular basis.

The ads
Like other sites, we collect and use the information contained in the ads. Internet, Service Provider; Sapo, Clix), the time of your visit and the site you visited within our site.

Links to Third Party Sites
Henrique Portovedo has links to other sites that can be consulted and / or may be useful to our visitors. The privacy policy is not applied to third party sites, at least, which causes the site to visit the site from our site to present a privacy policy of the same.

We are not responsible for the defense policy or representation on the same sites.